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Opposition to Eldorado Gold’s Greek Mines Growing: Protest at Company’s Shareholders Meeting

IMG-20130502-00358Protesters have taken the overwhelming opposition to Eldorado Golds’ mines in Halkidiki and Thrace to the company’s shareholders meeting in Vancouver on May 2nd.

MiningWatch Canada has joined with Greek Canadians to speak out on what has been happening in Greece.

Greek Canadian Hari Dimitrakopoulou who was at the Vancouver protest said their message is clear. “We delivered a message from the people of Greece and the people of Canada that Eldorado Gold’s current mining initiatives in Greece are not sustainable and are opposed by people in the area,” she said.

The leaflet handed out by the protesters stated, “We call on Eldorado Gold to show corporate social responsibility, and to listen to the residents of Halkidiki and Thrace by ceasing the mining development that is opposed by the people of Northern Greece. Furthermore, we call on Eldorado to stop relying on a police service that is using unlawful tactics and oppressing the citizens of Halkidiki and Thrace. Citizens of Greece don’t have to look further than the spill at Stratoni mines 12 years ago to get an idea of the potential impact.”

“Save our environment. Save our community. Stop the mining development in Halkidiki and Thrace.”


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