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Fort McMurray on the Aegean Sea (audio)


Press here to listen to  interviews with Maria Kadoglou, Vangelis Lampakis and Tolis Papageorgiou by Andre Goulet at CKUT 90.3 FM. Interviews given on the first day of our Canadian trip in Montreal

Greece is in the midst of an era of brutal economic austerity, with many foreign interests standing to profit from the country’s race to the bottom.

One of them is El Dorado Gold inc., a Vancouver-based mining company, which is taking advantage of the Greek government’s fast-track designation of it’s mining concessions to begin a massive open pit and underground mining operation near the port city of Alexandroupoli.

The area is a popular tourist destination and the birthplace of Aristotle (note: this refers to Eldorado’s project in Halkidiki, not Alexandroupoli). El Dorado’s plans are being promoted with the full and active support of the Canadian federal government and the Canadian Consulate in Thessaloniki .

This Sunday Vangelis Lampakis, the mayor of Alexandroupoli, and Maria Kadoglou of the Hellenic Mining Watch came to Alternatives in Montreal to call attention to El Dorado’s plans, which they fear will lead the region towards ecological suicide.


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