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MP Karygiannis View on Skouries Investment

jim2011-2.7761743_largeSource: Jim Karygiannis

Greekreporter on July 9, 2013 Christina Flora

After his visit to Skouries, Halkidiki, the Greek-Canadian federal MP, Jim Karygiannis, said he felt wronged as a Greek. Karygiannis, on July 9 in Thessaloniki, appeared to be against the Canadian “El Dorado Gold” investment in the gold mining.

Karygiannis maintained that, “When he arrived, the security company employee went to attack him.” He also said that he saw illegally cut trees.

“When we talk about investment in Greece [ we should ensure that] the companies invest as they would invest in their country,” Karygiannis said and also spoke on the occasion of a reference in the forum, on the positive effect of some investments in the Greek economy, such as “El Dorado.”

The Greek-American entrepreneur Elena Panariti, former Member of Parliament with PASOK (2009-2012), referred both to El Dorado and Siemens, saying: “A company that invests in a country should be responsible not only for the interests of shareholders and the distribution of profits, but also for the way it handles business ethics.”

Intervening, the first vice president of the Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Emmanuel Vlachoyiannis, reminded that “El Dorado Gold” has approved environmental assessment by an independent body, as well as a Decision of the Council of State.

View slideshow from Skouries here


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