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Chalkidiki Protest against ElDorado Gold Mining Company 3rd August 2013

A protest took place on Saturday the 3rd of August in Chalkidiki (Halkidiki) Northern Greece close to Thessaloniki, against the Canadian Mining Company ElDorado Gold and its project in the area.

Approximately 3-5 thousand people gathered to protest against the gold mining in the forest of Skouries near Holy Mount Athos.

Protesters walked through the forest for 7.5 kilometres (4.8 miles) until they reached police lines where they were stopped. Here they chanted slogans against the project and the police.

The company and its employees claim that the gold mine provides employment to more than 1000 families daily, bringing more than 5000 indirect jobs.

According to the demonstrators, the project will destroy the forest forever and continue to contaminate the sea where the company dump waste and their local drinking water.

Interviews with:
1) Niki Ashton – New Democratic Member of Parliament for the electoral district of Churchill in Manitoba
2) Katerina Igglezi – Member of Greek Parliament with the Coalition of the Left (SYRIZA)

Video made with the help of Tamar Levi: http://www.tamarlevi.com


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