27 anti-goldmine activists are charged with the same accusation as the Golden Dawn

Source: www.reinform.nl

143628253(1)27 anti-goldmine activists in the area of Chalkidiki are charged with the same accusation as the Golden Dawn: formation of a criminal organisation.

Of course no weapons or ammunition have been found in their possession, nor have they been laundering money and blackmailing for cash as the Nazi gang. Without any specific action being linked with specific persons in the prosecutor’s call, the activists are accused for “through illegal means aiming to prevent or postpone mining or other activity by the company Hellas Gold [a subsidiary of Canadian company Eldorado] in the area of Skouries”.

Without documenting the first, the accent is put on the latter, thus entering the waters of criminalising a political position which is the opposition to the gold mine. There’s no “evidence” on these 27 individuals other than having participated in anti-mine rallies and having publicly expressed their opinion against the mines.

The 3,500 pages of the case file contain recorded phone conversations of the activists containing encouragement to other individuals to join the anti-mine movement.

Golden Dawn leaders were interrogated in the courts.

The activists will be interrogated in the Thessaloniki police Headquarters as if they were dangerous criminals.

No investigation has been called on well documented police abuses against the inhabitants in the area, or on the security of the company illegally fencing public land. Four activists are already imprisoned before trial for several months.


2 comments on “27 anti-goldmine activists are charged with the same accusation as the Golden Dawn

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