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Gold rush: Greek jobs, forest and future under threat as austerity bites (video)

The latest investigation by the Ecologist magazine probes the impact Greece’s economic crisis is having on the nation’s environment, examining a controversial mining project.     Advertisements

Griechenland: Kampf gegen Goldschürfer

Samstag, 27.04.2013 Im nordgriechischen Chalkidiki eskaliert der Streit, ob dort Gold gefördert werden soll oder nicht. Nach einem Brandanschlag herrschen fast bürgerkriegsähnliche Zustände. Europamagazin / Mediathek

Ecology vs Economy: Dirty gold dig split Greeks in Chalkidiki

Source: Russia Today Citizens’ anger isn’t just over having their public assets sold off to help banks rather than the actual public – the country’s minerals are also open to be exploited by the highest bidder. But the fear this time is more ecology than economy, as Tom Barton has discovered. RT LIVE

Questioning Greek Growth (video) January 13, 2013By Nikolia Apostolou Suzanne Daley, a Times correspondent, reports from Greece on efforts to raise revenue with gold mining despite worries about environmental dangers and lax oversight. Related • Article: Greece Sees Gold Boom, but at a Price

Envoyé Special – Grèce : la grande braderie – les mines d’or

Griechenland: Streit um Goldabbau (video)

The German ARD TV channel reports on the controversy surrounding Eldorado’s mining projects in Chalkidiki. Watch the video without Greek subtitles here