Skouries Calling Out To Greece And All The World: #saveskouries

9th November 2013 International Action Day Against Gold Mines in Halkidiki What is at Stake Halkidiki, the birthplace of the ancient philosopher Aristotle, is a place of such great natural beauty that, every year, it is flooded by tourists from all over the world. In the western part of Halkidiki lies the primeval forest of […]

La Grèce cri­mi­na­lise les mili­tants qui donnent des inter­views sur les mines d’or

Par OkeaNews “Influencer l’opinion publique” devient un crime. Le blog de l’Observatoire des acti­vi­tés minières (@antigoldgreece) informe sur la situa­tion de la mine d’or de Skouries et de la lutte enga­gée par les habi­tants, dans le nord du pays. Mais selon la Police, qui a pro­cédé a des écoutes télé­pho­niques de grande enver­gure dans la région, les […]

Journalists worried as Skouries wiretap file includes transcripts

The Macedonia-Thrace journalists’ union (ESIEMTH) expressed concern on Thursday about authorities eavesdropping on the media after court documents revealed that conversations between Tolis Papageorgiou, the founder of Hellenic Mining Watch, which opposes gold mining in Skouries, and a number of reporters were recorded.

Greece criminalizing anti-mining journalism and dissent?

Tweets taken from Storify by Asteris Masouras

Over 200 being probed over opposition to Skouries gold mine

A total of 12 case files involving 210 suspects have been created by authorities investigating opposition by Halkidiki residents to the gold mine run by Hellas Gold in Skouries, northern Greece. Kathimerini understands that one of these cases concerns the arson attack on the company’s offices at the mine in February, another regards the clashes […]

Projection du film documentaire “Le trésor de Cassandre” à Bruxelles

Débat – Le trésor de Cassandre Par solidarity-greece.blogspot.be Mercredi 29 mai, l’Initiative de solidarité avec la Grèce qui résiste a organisé la projection du film documentaire “Le trésor de Cassandre” au CIVA à Bruxelles, dans le cadre du festival Millenium. Le film traite de la construction d’une mine d’or dans la région de Skouries, en […]

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