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Golden Times – Cassandra’s Treasure

Cassandras_Treasure_-_Poster_EN_2By Exandas Documentaries

Watch the movie online with english subtitles

The exploitation of the country’s mineral wealth is projected as the most reasonable solution to deal with the economic crisis that plagues Greece. The Greek state has ceded its mining rights over 31.700 ha of land in northern Halkidiki, a region rich in gold, copper and other metals, to the Canadian multinational company Eldorado Gold. However, many of the region’s inhabitants, who have been resisting the construction of a goldmine for years, claim that this investment will cause irreparable damage to the environment and the benefits will be fewer than the losses.

“Cassandra’s Treasure” presents a detailed picture of the modern Greek state before and during the crisis period.



Treasure Hunt

Documentary about the Cassandra Mines of Halkidiki and the resistance movement against gold mining


Our silence, their gold

Informative video on gold mining in Greece created by the “Open Coordinative  of Thessaloniki against the Goldmines”.

English and French subtitles available. Click on the subtitles icon.


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