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Greece: The “Invisible March” against Gold Mining

Published on vancouver.mediacoop.ca Thousands march against Vancouver mining company in Thessaloniki and Athens by Maria Kadoglou THESSALONIKI—A huge demonstration against the construction of gold mines in northern Greece took place in the city of Thessaloniki on November 24. Around 8,000 protesters from the areas of Halkidiki, Thrace and Kilkis, along with people from Thessaloniki and […]

Greeks don’t want gold. A normal life will just do

Source: http://www.ejolt.org By Nick Meynen and Katarina Annaniou Real wages declined with 25%. Youth unemployment is above 50%. The number of people applying for food aid is fast rising. Malnutrition among children is spreading, while hospitals are being closed. UN agencies and Doctors without Borders are talking about a humanitarian crisis. Is this a Sub-Saharan […]