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MiningWatch Canada on El Dorado Gold (audio)

Source: Massive environmental devastation for minimum economic gain in one of Greece’s premiere tourist regions, and the birthplace of Aristotle. Is the Greek government really serious about resource extraction in the province of Thrace? Jamie Kneen, Communications & Outreach Coordinator for MiningWatch Canada, discusses Vancouver-based El Dorado Gold’s plans for the Skouries and Perama […]

Fort McMurray on the Aegean Sea (audio)

Press here to listen to  interviews with Maria Kadoglou, Vangelis Lampakis and Tolis Papageorgiou by Andre Goulet at CKUT 90.3 FM. Interviews given on the first day of our Canadian trip in Montreal

Canadian mining company confronted with fierce opposition over Greece projects (audio)

By John Bonnar / Activist Maria Kadoglou shares her insights on Eldorado Gold’s mining operations in the regions of Halkidiki and Thrace. Listen to an interview with Maria Kadoglou, an activist in Halkidiki and a member of Hellenic Mining Watch, a group dedicated to resisting large-scale mining in Greece.

As protests continue against Canada’s Eldorado Gold in Greece, delegation in Canada (audio)

By Wojtek Gwiazda | Radio Canada International Interview with Maria Kadoglou (Listen) Maria Kadoglou admits for some Greeks the image of Canada has changed because of mining companies like Eldorado Gold. Kadoglou, a member of Hellenic Mining Watch, is part of a delegation from Northern Greece in a four city pan-Canadian tour to protest mining […]

The citizen movement against ore mining in Skouries

From the #rbnews international series 1. Radio shows With @ypopto_mousi, 01 December 2012 With Tolis Papageorgiou and Maria Kadoglou (@antigoldgreece), 22 December 2012 Live from Ierissos, 23 February 2013 With Dina Daskalopoulou (@daskalopoulou), 16 March 2013 With @potmos, @menacius and Georgia Anagnou (@ganagnou), 30 March 2013

L’écologie et l’emploi de la région Chalcidique menacés par le géant Eldorado

France Inter, lundi 6 mai 2013. Ecoutez cette émission. Un reportage d’Angélique Kourounis, à Stratoniki, en Grèce Région Chalidikique, Grèce © Pitichinaccio – 2013 En Grèce, dans la région Chalcidique, des villageoises manifestent contre le géant canadien Eldorado Gold qui pourrait bien détruire une forêt primaire de 37.000m² pour exploiter les réserves aurifères du pays. Cela […]

#rbnews international show 30 March 2013 – Skouries: the march to Stratoni (audio)

Source: On 30 March 2013 on #rbnews international, we discussed once again the issue of gold and copper mining in Skouries, Halkidiki, while the anti-mining movement was holding a demonstration from Ierissos to Stratoni, the village where mining company Hellas Gold has its local offices.