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Police unionists protest about Eldorado Gold’s Skouries mine

Police union claims that gold mining investment in Skouries “cannot operate with police measures”


The nationwide federation of police officers (POASY) held a protest outside the Halkidiki Police Directorate at 10am today “in order to defend the dangers faced by police officers, after the recent injuries”.

The local police unions of Central Macedonia have also stressed the lack of staff, extended time table and lack of logistical support, while urging to establish a permanent police department in Arnea and reexamine the deployment of police officers in Skouries.

The police officers claimed that they had nothing against the residents of northeast Halkidiki and that the “gold investment in Skouries is not a police matter”. The secretary of the Police Officer Union of Thessaloniki (EAYTH) Theofilos Papadakis claimed that “the matter of the gold mines is political. It concerns the Ministry of Growth, not the Ministry of Public Order”.

Mr. Papadakis explained that by transferring police units from Central Macedonia to Skouries, the police presence in other areas is weakened, which could have an adverse affect on tourism. About 70-80 officers are transferred to protect the facilities in Skouries, at a “great physical and material cost”.

According to unionists about 1,500 euros are need to transfer one police squad. In order to deal with the cost, they have suggested establishing a permanent police force in Halkidiki.

Source: tovima.gr


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